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TLC Mission

At TLC Mobile Health, we understand the unique transportation challenges of patients, seniors, caregivers, and facilities. For patients and seniors, we know that safe, reliable transportation is critical for those who can’t drive. For caregivers, we understand the challenges of balancing work, life, and caregiving and the lack of convenient, affordable transportation options. For facilities, we recognize the challenges of managing transportation services in addition to your core mission. At TLC Mobile Health, our goal is to earn the trust of our clients every day by providing the best transportation solutions to meet your needs. Please call today to learn more.

TLC Features

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

“Curb to Curb”, “Door to Door” and Wheelchair service to doctor’s appointments, dialysis, PT/OT, 

Senior Transportation

TLC Mobile Health provides senior transportation – to the doctor, the senior center, the grocery store, or a friend. A great alternative for those who have stopped driving.

Behavioral Health / Adult Day Care

TLC Mobile Health works with Behavioral Health and Adult Day Care Centers to provide tailored transportation solutions.

Transportation Outsourcing

Let TLC Mobile Health manage your transportation needs so you can focus on your core mission.

Alternative Transport Services

TLC Mobile Health goes beyond medical transport. We also provide services for groups and individuals to:

  • Family Gatherings

  • Weddings

  • Funerals 

  • Outdoor Recreational

  • Errand Runs

  • Concerts / Events / Retreats 

Airport PIckup & Dropoff 

Let TLC Mobile Health provide safe transport for your loved ones to and from the airport and your home. 

Family Owned and Operated, GSMT opened its doors in 1994 and is in its 22nd year of operation. Our staff includes some of the most experienced drivers and dispatchers in their field. GSMT vehicles are inspected yearly and licensed by the Department Of Health to meet the very best level of care with every patient. GSMT is open 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for non-emergency Services  and medical transport services throughout the Bergen, Passaic and Northern Hudson, Morris and Essex counties of New Jersey. 



GSMT owns, operates, and maintains its fleet of Wheelchair Vans and Ambulatory Vehicles and employs an exceptional team of professionals dedicated to their respective field. We are committed to caring for our patients.  Our Management team is dedicated to serving you the patient and making you feel a part of our family.

We are genuine people with genuine feelings and respect towards other people. We know that everybody gets busy with life and to have an elderly sick or disable person to take care of and transport them to appointments and such can be a handful at times. We want to help by providing affordable and reliable transportation. With our caring and trained staff, we provide a safe and comfortable ride for the patient to feel secure about

“Curb to Curb”, “Door to Door” and Wheelchair service to doctor’s appointments, dialysis, PT/OT, Hospital discharge, surgical centers, etc.

1(201) 488-0170

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